Hate-Free Hillsborough

On August 24, 2019, members of a chapter of the KKK appeared unexpectedly in downtown Hillsborough, NC. One community member, the founder of the Hate-Free Schools Coalition, stood in counter-protest; within minutes, she was joined by nearly 80 other community members who boldly stood in solidarity against the hateful presence of the Klan.


On August 31, nearly 1,000 children and adults took to the street in a March for a Hate-Free Hillsborough, organized by the Hate-Free Schools Coalition and Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action.


Despite the Klan's warning that they would return, and the KKK flyers that were found in an historically African American neighborhood in downtown Hillsborough that very morning, the community said loudly and clearly that HATE HAS NO HOME in Hillsborough or anywhere else.

(Photo credit: Tony Crider)

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